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The Big Facebook 100!

At the beginning of last week Weatherly Painting launched our business page on the social networking platform Facebook. While our primary original goal was simply to gain a few-to-moderate fans we quickly realized the business page took on a life of its own. It’s truly amazing how powerful word-of-mouth networking can be in a technologically-savvy era. By simply asking others to ‘spread the word’ our campaign to establish Weatherly Painting as an official recognized business on Facebook grew and grew. One week later our fans have increased by over 90 percent! And now, Weatherly Painting is a mere 5 fans away from being established as a legitimate business on Facebook! What a fantastic feat! We are currently in the works of planning to ‘give back’ to our fans and our community once we have achieved the 100 fan milestone. In the meantime Weatherly Painting hopes to continue to build a strong Facebook fan base as well as utilize other social networking mediums such as Twitter and, of course, our WordPress blog. Got an idea for us? Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed! Email us at: Weatherly_Painting@yahoo.com or view our website at: www.weatherlypainting.com.


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