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Why Neighbors Make AWESOME customers!

This week I finished a painting project for a neighbor who lives just down the road. I always think it’s a great compliment when neighbors call me for a free estimate. While I am not always guaranteed to get the job just because they are my neighbor it’s still great to know that they value including me in their painting process.

So, then, why exactly do neighbors make such awesome customers? Neighbors make awesome customers because:

1. It’s great to be able to ‘see’ the customers and their friends and family enjoy the work that my staff produced.

2. When neighbors get to experience the quality work Weatherly Painting has to offer they are more likely to refer friends and family members based on the quality of work and their personal connection to the business.

3. Neighbors have the opportunity to see the personal side of my business which includes my wife, two young daughters and two pups. This visual reiterates that Weatherly Painting is a family-owned and operated business.

4. Providing quality work to customers established a long-term friendly relationship. This is no different with neighboring customers.

5. A smile and a friendly wave may be just surface deep between other neighbors but neighbors who are past customers are a delight to see.

So, as I close-out the current painting project I can’t help but hope that other neighbors soon come-a-knocking-at-my-door based on the referral of my current neighbor. And, as I close this blog I can’t help but say it once again…neighbors make AWESOME customers!


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